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My heart still goes out
I like so many Nova Scotians and people around the world my heart still goes out to the families of this disaster. I live about 2hrs drive from Peggy Cove, but I was down in the area visiting friends when they got the call of the plane going down. We went down to the warf and he went out on one of the boat leaving his wife and me there on shore. For the enxt several hours what we witnessed still haunts me ten years latter. For ten years now the families have been in my prayers and thoughts often. It took me until July 04 until I could go down there again to the area and see the memorials. It seem to help seeing and being there for the first time since 1998.I always wished that there was something I could of done, instead of just not standing there and wishing it was not happening. So as another Sept.2 comes aound again and just wanted to say that you are still in my thoughts and prayers. JB
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