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the truth
Dear Mr. Shaw,
My name is sal jafar and i am an active safety executive in the middle east.
I was particularly touched by your feelings towards your daughter of swissair111. Actually, few days after the crash i was flying swissair from kiev-ukraine to zurich when i read in a french swiss newspaper that swissair safety level is the weakest in europe. After discussing the article with the captain, he did not hesitate to say that it's a fact bcz swissair does not have money! I did write very harsh articles on my interview with the swiss captain in 3 newspapers in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.However, nothing has changed and nobody cared! From my humble experience in flying, the main factor of stephanie's death is the stupid stubborn captain zimmerman who severely underestimated the fire when the U.S. traffic controller urged him to land immediately in Boston, Mass. however, he was so stubborn that he thought he could survive a fire on board until his copilot diverted the plane to Hallifax. I just watched a complete film on swissair111 on and was impressed by the efforts made to find the truth. I am also a senior member of youth association for social awarness handling many safety aspects including the disastrous road safety in the arabian gulf.
we pray for stephanie. i will consider visiting your rest. in case i visit canada one day. we are considering to organize an international air safety conference in Dubai and we would invite you to discuss your painful experience with the experts+media.thanks and regards,Sal
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