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Stephen Kimber's book.
I have just finished reading Stephen Kimber's book called Flight 111: The Tragedy of the Swissair Crash. I suppose there are others whom have read this revealing account of what happened on that fateful night. I picked this book up at my mother's house because I thought that it would be interesting to read. I could not put it down. Upon closing the book after I had finished reading it I thought to myself that, unfortunately, no one cannot escape life alive and that we should live every minute to its fullest. Hardly an epiphany but something that I had wanted to say.

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Greg, Thanks for writing. I thought Stephen Kimber did a very good job of writing about the tragedy. I would like to see him do a follow-up of what's happened to the families since this terrible tragedy, if safety has been improved, etc. Too often this tragedy has been glossed over in the press and other accounts written, but I think Stephen Kimber was able to capture the true devastation that this has caused many individuals. I also agree with you regarding the message one might take from the book- to live life to its fullest.

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