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Mike Snow update
I do not know how many of you involved with this forum keep track of this person and what he does now.

Mike Snow is now the owner of Interstate trailers, we are a trailer dealer that has started having issues with his company and after digging. I found this site and information on the suffering he has caused so many people.

You all know what kind of person he is, he has behind his dealers backs set up factory stores under the name Trailers Plus. This lowlife then puts these stores in his own dealers territory to compete and ultimately put them out of business.He is placing these stores all over the US on the sly to compete with his own dealers.He has also been telling dealers that another company wants to set up in their territory and if they increase orders they can keep there territory, after they increase orders he then sets up a Trailers Plus right down the road anyways.

The main problem is he is doing this on the sly and most dealers do not know about the connection between Interstate and Trailers Plus until it's to late.We fortunately found out about this early and made arraignments to replace most of our orders from now on with a more honest supplier. If you look up Trailers Plus, the address for there Arkansas location matches the address for Interstates Arkansas plant.The more I read about him on this site makes me sick and he has not changed his ways one bit.

I had to type this quick and I apologize in advance if some of this is confusing...but we think he needs a little of his own medicine and we are starting here and we think if all his US dealers know about his Trailers Plus stores and start dropping Interstate he will getwhat he deserves.
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