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Hello All

I am new at this forum but not new in the Aviation field where I have spent 30 years of my life. By chance I am foreigner who resides in Switzerland , was previously working for a Swiss airline and I own a aviation equipment sales company which used to be a vendor of Swissair Technics.

First of, I agree with anyone who would say that after hearing the CVR of that flight the co pilot and PiC can definetly be appraised for bravery eventhough their error to perform an immediate descent once the smoke was noticed, jettison during descent and land staight forward rather electing to go visual at night over water and start the jettison.

My comment is directed at Swissair Maintainance and general ex Swissair staff procurement and business policies. Its absolutely not appropriate to blame the floor for bad dancing if the dancer can not dance . Swissair vendor selection was always very tough , regurous with the attachment of the Swiss over bureaucratic mentality and tunnel vision.

It may certainly apply that the entertainment company in AZ messed up, but isnt that the ressponsibility of the buyer to ascertain 100% compliance with new systems and new vendors ?

Does anyone knows a Swiss Organisation involved in air crash ( casus Crossair - 2 fatal crashes, swiss air crash in Athens and Skyguide recently) which ever admited their faults ? I dont !!!! One common thing in Switzerland, Swiss are never guilty but rest of the world, they have blue blood and only foreigners make mistakes ! Howver if only the foreigners are wrong why would then 60% of the cockpit force are foreigners and why would Swiss be today in foreign hands ????
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