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Strange comment about the 'treasures' left from the sr111 crash
Recently on another site people were asking about what happened to a passel of diamonds that were on swissair 111, and other such treasures. A couple of years ago a few of us family members became very upset because Lloyd's of London whom I would assume were the insurers of the jewels, wanted to bring equipment to dredge the bottom of the ocean in a quest to recover these diamonds. There was some back and forth and finally I believe it was Mr. Ian Shaw who lost his young daughter Stephanie in the crash, who convinced them to not do this to what has become a watery graveyard to those who were killed on the flight. I was very surprised that Llyods agreed not to pursue their diving rights- at least in the present. I was also surprised that very few family members really cared whether there was diving at the site or not.

At any rate, I found this strange post while doing a google search. I really know nothing about this site or who posted the following:

Why did the Swiss banks order that the fatal Swissair crash aircraft be left on the bottom of the ocean with a major haul of diamonds, Picassos, billions of cash, apart from 275 dead bodies? Was it because they did not fancy the international money-laundry questions that might be asked? And why had Swissair been forced to hand over its aircraft to the Swiss banks just ahead of going bankrupt to avoid the liability claims? And why are these aircraft now handed to the new "Swiss" airline that has been set up by the Swiss banks to bring in the laundry from all over the world? 47. Why would the Federal Reserve Banks of the USA license such Swiss racketeers/money-launderers/insiders/market-manipulators/fraudsters that pretend to be banks?
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