T+ 19 years

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Sat September 02 2017, 10:15 AM
T+ 19 years
Hi Barb, here for my yearly check in remembering that horrible day 19 years ago.

Still living at home, but I'm slowly getting my health issues figured out. It's frustrating because I just want to get back out on my own and start rebuilding my life but I'm dealing with a lot so I have to try to be patient. I know if I rush it I'll just end up back where I started. At least I've figured out why I was getting headaches and taken steps to fix that, so that's something positive. It's nice to not have a headache and neck pain every third day.

How are things with you? Since I lost my Sister in 2011 and my Dad in 2013 the pain has always been there but I'm starting to be able to remember the good times we had together too. I hope you've reached that point in your grief, but I know it's not comparable.

Wishing you all the best,

"Those Who Don't Learn From The Past Are Doomed To Repeat It."
Sat September 02 2017, 01:57 PM
Murray, thanks so much for always remembering the swissair 111 tragedy. It means a lot to me that you take the time to post.

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and hope you continue to mend. You are a wonderful person and hopefully it won't be long until you are back on your own.

Thanks again for posting, and good luck with your endeavors.

Sat September 02 2017, 06:42 PM
Hi Barbara,

I'm here lurking again. Seems like an annual event. This date still brings the memory of the tragedy like it was yesterday. So much has happened in the last 19 years. Tara, my parents and all have missed out on so many things and we've missed out on sharing those things with them.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm thinking of you. Still can't imagine how this tragedy scarred you. 19 years later, it still stings more for me than I would have ever imagined.

Sun September 03 2017, 01:57 PM
Mary, I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm so sorry about your parents and how much pain that has caused you over the years. It's simply not fair that we were denied their company for the past 19 years. I know exactly how you feel and my heart goes out to you.