Safety as Good Business

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Fri December 05 2003, 03:38 PM
Safety as Good Business
Too bad swissair didn't follow these simple & wise rules:

From Air Safety Week:

'Safety is good business':The Safety Policy

Air Transat is committed to conducting its operations efficiently and in a manner that ensures the safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and aircraft. It is Air Transat's policy that the safety management system be used to systematically reinforce safety as a corporate and individual core value. This will be achieved by institutionalizing the following principles:

All incidents can be prevented.
Management is responsible for the prevention of incidents.
All hazards can be safeguarded.
Training is essential.
Safety is good business.
Working safely is a condition of employment.
Safety and quality are interdependent.
Safe conduct will be recognized and rewarded.
Dated: Nov. 19, 2002
Sun December 07 2003, 07:53 PM
Here is what Canada's regulatory body, Transport Canada had to say about this plan. Apparently all airlines in Canada will be required to come up with similar plans in the next few years:

From Air Safety Week:

From the regulator's perspective, a Transport Canada (TC) official lauded the carrier's effort. "Air Transat is one of the leading companies establishing a safety management system," he said. "We are working closely with Air Transat, and we're fully confident this effort will improve the safety of [its] operations." It should be noted that, per TC mandate, all Canadian airlines must have safety management systems in effect by the spring of 2005.