Can anyone help a person with a question about the old swissair?

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Tue December 13 2005, 03:28 PM
Can anyone help a person with a question about the old swissair?
Sanjay sent me the following email and told me that it was okay to post this on the site. I told him that I don't have this information, so I thought if someone reading this site did, they could post a response or contact him directly.

Hello Barbara,

I have been following the postings on the SwissAir debacle with keen
interest, and found your inputs most insightful. I wonder if you
happen to have some URL where news about Phillippe Bruggiser's
appointment and his resignation is hosted (some place like, or his biodata (along with his pic, if
possible)? Also, what might he be doing now, post 2001? Is he working
with some other airline, or has he switched careers? This is just
curiosity. Smile

Cheers and regards,

In another email he also asked:

I also was trying to locate an URL where the SAirGroup's 2000 annual report is hosted; I have spent nearly two days googling on it, but to no avail. (In fact, it was while searching for this report that I bumped into your group.) Can you help me in this too, please? I shall be grateful.
Wed December 14 2005, 03:51 PM
Sanjay just sent this link. Strange it totally contradicts an article posted a while back:

Philippe Bruggisser is about to start a luxury-class-airline with three A319 operating to "luxury-destinations" in the Arabian Gulf and also a low-tariff-airline in Central Europe operating with four A319 or only one of the two projects. Financing apparently is secured from sources in the Arabian Gulf area. Trades Unionists in Switzerland are full of joy and enthusiasm as everybody can imagine. And some lawyers risk to lose the last hair they had !

Yet this was in the Swiss press in '04:

Last paragraph of article:

The former Swissair Group CEO, Philipp Bruggisser is still looking for a new career opportunity, while André Dosé, the erstwhile head of Swiss, the national carrier, has begun writing what he can only hope will be a bestseller.

Perhaps the first article was in jest?