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Looking for assistance
Hi there,
I am looking for info on passengers from Swissair 111. In particular ages. Please let me explain. I am in the Canadian Forces and was one of the members tasked with the recovery on the beaches after the crash. I had a tough time back then dealing with the items we recovered and have kept it inside as much as I could for 12 years. I have been bothered for many years with the smell of jet fuel and other items but most of all with the children. About 7 years after the crash I started seeing this young girl..I recovered toy's and clothing from kids but a girls shoe in particular. Anyway, this is where is gets strange. I know she is not really there because she leaves as fast as she came and I cant find after. She always has this pretty smile on her face.
I moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Trenton, Ontario in July 2009 and things never got better with the triggers but I did not see her until about 4 months after I was here. So now I know something is up. I was self medicating with alcohol to help push these feelings and visions away but all it was doing was killing me. I am now about to go on my second treament for PTSD and in all this, I am trying to come to grips with this girl.
Professionals suggest it is the girl from the shoes to let me know all is ok or that she just wants to thank me, either way, it is tough to let go.
I had no relations to anyone on that plane that day but my life since has been surounded by those victims and their families and the sorrow they have gone through.
What I am trying to find out, was there any young girls on that plane around the ages of 5 or 6, give or take? I have a picture in my head that I will try to draw....i am learning to draw for that hopes that i can put a name to her someday.

I truly hope this does not come out as a hurtful little story but one of comfort in the fact that I think they are all still with us.
Thanks for any helpWink
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