16 Years On

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Mon September 01 2014, 08:30 PM
16 Years On
Hi Barb, just doin my yearly check in to see how you are. Things have been kinda rough for me. On the good news front I got a sweet grant from the government to go to school and work for a great non-profit agency but on the down side I've been sick a lot with what my doc thinks is a B12 and folate deficiency. It makes me tired all the time and I get dizziness and headaches so it hasn't been fun. I'm tryin to fight through it but my supply of hope for better times in the future has been dwindling.

Been a rougher year for airline disasters after a relative quiet period with MH370 and MH17. Both terrible incidents for different reasons, I hope that scumbag Putin rots in H-E double hockey sticks.

My mom and bro just flew up and back to Toronto and I get nervous because they're all I have left now that my sis and dad are gone.

I hope things are well with you.


"Those Who Don't Learn From The Past Are Doomed To Repeat It."
Tue September 02 2014, 05:59 PM
Murray, thanks so much for always remembering the tragedy. I can't believe it has been 16 years. So horribly sad. There isn't much left to say, but I personally appreciate that you always remember.

I'm so sorry to hear about what's been going on in your life. Do they have any idea of why you have that kind of deficiency? I hope you are better soon. I'm sad to hear you aren't feeling well. Please keep me updated.