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Global Air Accident Pact to Take Effect
Global Air Accident Pact to Take Effect

MONTREAL (AP) - The United States became the 30th nation to ratify a new international air accident liability agreement Friday, meaning the pact takes effect on Nov. 4, the U.N. civil aviation agency said.

Under the Montreal Convention agreed to in 1999, families of victims killed in air accidents will be eligible for immediate compensation with no limits on some liability claims against airlines at fault.

It represents a major revamping of standards for compensation in international air accidents, based on the 1929 Warsaw Convention, which limited airline liability, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Ratification by 30 signatories means the convention takes effect 60 days later. With the United States and Cameroon bringing the total to 30 on Friday, the date the convention comes into force is Nov. 4, according to an ICAO statement.

Compensation in international accidents often is tied up for years, though more airlines in recent years have made some compensation available quickly.

The Montreal Convention requires immediate payments of up to $135,000 for each victim killed or injured, regardless of whether the airline was responsible for the accident. It also removes all caps on liability if the carrier is ruled to be at fault.

``Victims of international air accidents and their families will be better protected and compensated,'' said Assad Kotaite, president of the U.N. aviation agency that has 188 member states.

He called the agreement ``a delicate balance between the needs and interests of all partners in international civil aviation.''
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CD thanks for posting that. This is a good thing particularly for those people who lose a spouse in a tragedy who is the breadwinner of the family. Let's hope it never has to be used again but unfortunately that probably is wishful thinking on my part.

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