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Hey Barb
Just figured I'd stop by, let ya know how I'm doin. Been suffering from depression lately, so I'm taking advantage of a program my work has and been visiting with a counselor. It's really opening my eyes to problems I've had for a long time, and understanding why I feel the way I do is the first step towards solving my problems. It's a tough mountain to climb, but for the first time ever I really feel like I'm making progress.

I've joined a public speaking group called Toastmasters, maybe you've heard of them cuz they're all over. Public speaking is a key element of a lot of the things I'd like to do in my life but I get really nervous when I do it so I'm doing this to get over that. Also I'm hoping it will have some positive effects on other aspects of my life. Once I get settled in to that I'm going to look in to meditation which is also something I've been interested in for a long time, and maybe perhaps too I can join weight watchers and start to get my eating habits under control.

It's a time of change for me, a time of trying to get my life on track and moving forward. I hope all is well with you.


"Those Who Don't Learn From The Past Are Doomed To Repeat It."
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Murray, it was really great that you stopped by! I'm so sorry to hear of your struggle with depression, but it sounds like you are making some great progress! I hope you continue to feel better. How is your job going?

I have heard of toastmasters, and that's a good thing to pursue. Don't feel too badly about being nervous about giving speeches- many people feel that way, including myself. I used to get the shakes if I even got called on or had to introduce myself at my kid's school events. That would be great if you can overcome that and enjoy speaking. I wish you luck with that also.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and please keep me updated. I'm doing okay.

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