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American Airlines Flight 64
Wow, and I thought Air France was eerily similar to SR111. At least this story had a happier ending Thank God, but still it's creepy.

(NECN/CTV: Halifax, Canada) - American Airlines Flight 64 from JFK airport in New York to Zurich, Switzerland made an unscheduled landing in Canada after the pilot radioed NavCanada that there was smoke in the cabin.

The plane was diverted to the international airport in Halifax, Canada where it touched down without incident, and all the passengers and crew were safely removed from the plane.

Airport officials say the passengers were being held in the customs area until American Airlines could make arrangements for continuing their flight.

"We were informed by NavCanada - the tower informed us - there was a call from an American Airlines flight 64 enroute from JFK to Zurich that had to make a diversion here to Halifax as a result of smoke in the cabin," V.P. of airport operations Paul Baxter said.

"The plane landed safely, it landed on one of our runways, it went to a deicing pad that we would use where we had our emergency vehicles, and essentially what they did was have all the passengers deplane at that point," Baxter said.

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