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aerospace insulation market has recently gained significant traction indeed. These vehicles are now performing across a broader range of environments, which necessitates an increase in the reliability of the insulation system that directs the operational capabilities of these vehicles. The fact that electrical system insulation as well as thermal and noise insulation are vital in expanding the reliability and lifetime of aerospace vehicles is a major driving force for aerospace insulation industry.

An instance of the tragedy caused by failure of insulation can be drawn from the crash of the Swissair flight 111 into the Atlantic Ocean in 1998 when the flight caught fire. The mishap was traced to faulty wiring in the in-flight entertainment system and one of the major contributors to the failure was the type of insulation used on the plane’s wiring. Post the incident, it had been observed that global aerospace industry players had begun to work rather hard to improve insulation, adding stimulus to aerospace insulation market. As on today, powered by innovation and technological developments leading to more consistent and dependable insulating solutions, aerospace insulation market outlook has indeed taken on a drastically positive turn.

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