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Almost 20 years ago...
Good afternoon,

This is my first post, Took me a while, but it is never too late I suppose.

I am already looking at my calendar to see which day the 2nd of September is going to be this year. This year for the first time I plan to go back to Nova Scotia and be at the memorial to remember the events that occured back in 1998.

I was a member of the Navy that arrived on the crash site less that half an hour after the crash and worked there during the search and rescue mission and recovery afterward. There is so much things that I would like to share, so much pain still Inside,I somehow feel connected to all of you, we all suferred in so many different ways the same event.

There is not a single day that I do not think about them, I get better with time, but post traumatic stress disorder sucks big time. Yet, I feel proud of what I was able do accomplish for the familly of the 229 persons lost at sea, even if I never saw any relatives in person. Perhaps this year it will happen... Are there anybody going there on the 2nd? Is there a reunion of some sort that is organized?

I do not wish to be intrusive or bring back memories about this day if you do not wish to, but If there is anyone that wishes to chat or ask me questions about anything related to my experience, I am here.


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