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Fire on United Express Flight
Passengers on a United Express flight got quite a scare on Friday when a small fire broke out mid-flight.

The plane was carrying 39 people from Newark, New Jersey to Hartford, Connecticut and had to make an emergency landing just 15 miles from its destination.

One passenger told WVIT, "We heard that we were going to make an emergency landing, so that's kind of when the panic started setting in in a lot of people."

Fortunately a spokesman for the airline says everyone was safely evacuated without injury. The plane has been taken out of service and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

This is the second time a United Flight has been forced to make an emergency landing because of fire.

In January, a plane traveling from Los Angeles to Washington and carrying 206 people made an unplanned stop when crew members smelled smoke and discovered a small fire in the fuselage, according to one passenger.

Thankfully, everyone made it back to the ground safely.
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